Plugin License

When you purchase a theme from ThemeForest that bundles Revolution Slider, you are free to use this Premium plugin with the theme.

However, your Bizix purchase does not give you an individual Revolution Slider license that allows you to activate or download this plugin as you wish. Activation doesn’t mean the plugin will not work but only that you cannot receive direct updates. Please don’t worry if you see warning messages about the plugin license activation.
You can use this plugin with the Bizix theme, and you are fully compliant with the Envato’s policy, but you cannot activate them as the owner (so don’t try to use the Bizix purchase code to activate Slider Revolution plugin).

According to Envato’s licensing rules, new plugin updates can only be issued when we issue new theme updates. Anytime Bizix is updated, the latest plugin version for Revolution Slider will be included for free, so you don’t need to buy your own license to properly work with the plugin.

These rules ensure we will fully test plugins to make certain there are no bugs that will conflict with our own update. We also fully test new theme versions before releasing them to our customers.

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